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The fourth Jonas brother. A punk George Michael. Michael Jackson with laryngitis. An uncouth 1975. Ferocious dirty pop music is what Honess Jones calls it. Balancing New Jack Swing, Synth Pop & Hard Rock, he delivers gritty and catchy hooks with intricate writing bubbling just under the surface. And all the way down.  Within a pop world oversaturated with fleeting tunes, Honess Jones aims to marry catchiness with content, infuse every lyrical turn with an instant release, and stand out as a beacon of substance with genuine and resonant authenticity. There’s influences ranging all the way from Janet Jackson to Beastie Boys, INXS to Charli XCX, Phil Collins to Justin Timberlake. 


2024 is shaping up to be Honess’ most exciting year yet. With a series of carefully crafted singles set for release, there’s artistic evolution and versatility ready to be showcased. The first single arriving in March with subsequent releases to follow closely, the ferocious dirty pop sound is to be expanded. The fanbase is growing, and an impressive lineup of live shows is being scheduled, with the recently announced show supporting indie rock band LEAP in mid May having already sold out. The second single of the year is set for May so HJ is ready to set stages on fire, with explosive live performances that have you dancing, jumping, and fully ablaze. He’s not only a captivating artist but a charismatic live showman blending Michael Hutchence, Joe Talbot and yes, Robbie Williams.  As well as all of his other Jonas brothers of course.

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